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These are tall plants that like to stay in an established clump.They can also have very exotic colour mixes and add drama to the garden. The foliage usually dies down in the fall. They start to flower about two weeks after the Tall Bearded have started. They can extend the time you have Iris in bloom or fill in the gap before the rebloomers  start their fall bloom. They are very good as cut flowers and can be cut before the flower opens.

Shipped In September, Seperate shipment then Bearded Iris

In short supply after heavy orders last year

Spuria A-C  / Spuria D-H  /  Spuria I-M  /  Spuria O-V

Spuria Iris  Academeaus 

$9.00      ACADEMEAUS (Fothergill1954)L 48" Lavender-blue with yellow signal.  


  Adobe Sunset spuria Iris

Not Available 2021  
     ADOBE SUNSET (McCowen 1979) L 60" Deep orange-yellow, veined and bordered dark brown. HM NM

Arbitrator Spuria Iris

Sold Out $9.00     
     ARBITRATOR (Ferguson 1966) E 46" Lavender-purple with bright yellow signal. HM JC


Belise spuris Iris

BELISE (Simonett 1964) M 36" Blue-lavender self from a cross of two species. I. maritima X I. carthaliniae. HM

Betty Cooper Spuria Iris

BETTY COOPER (McCown 1982) M 48" Light violet standards and edge on dark orange falls veined brown-purple. HM NA

Burnished Brass Spuria Iris

Not available 2021     
     BURNISHED BRASS (Roe 1972) ML40" Glowing brass brown with yellow-orange signal. HM


Chestnut Chimes SPURIA


$12.00 CHESTNUT CHIME (B. Blyth, 1990) 36" (91 cm), E-M Pure chocolate brown

cinnabar Red Spuria Iris

     CINNABAR RED (Niswonger 1979) M 40" Dark mahogany-red; yellow signal. HM

Cinnamon Stick Spuria Iris

     CINNAMON STICK (Niswonger 1983) M 40" Maroon brown, streaked gold; outstanding. HM

Clarke Cosgrove Spuria Iris

     $8.50 CLARKE COSGROVE (Hager 1975) M 38" Lavender-blue with small yellow spot.  

Countess Zeplin Spu

(Hager 1987) 38" M Deep mauve red-wine, small deep yellow signalHM 1989, AM 1993, Nies-M 1997.